Boys Names with Letter W
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English Arabic Bangla Hindi Urdu Meaning
Wazir وزير বাজির वज़ीर وزیر Minister, vizier, an adviser or counsel to the king.
Waziran وزيران বাজিরান वजिरन وزیران Waziran is an Arabic name for boys that means secretary, minister, vizier. It is a plural of Wazir.
Wazn وزن বজন वज़न وزن Wazn is an Arabic name for boys that means weight, weighing, measure, gauge.
Wazzah وازاح বাজ্জাহ वजजह وازہ Wazzah is an Arabic name for boys that means handsome, good-looking. It also means clear, manifest, visible.
Wiam ويام বিয়াম वीएम وام Arabic for rapport, harmony, concord, peace.
Wid ود বিদ विद وڈ Arabic for affection, love, harmony.
Widad وداد বিদদ विदद وداد Arabic for unity, harmony, sincere affection, sympathy.
Widadi ودادي বিদাদী विददी ودادی Widadi is an Arabic name for boys that means loving, affectionate.
Wifaq وفاق বিফাক विफक وفاق Arabic for harmony, amiability, unity.
Wijdan وجدان বিজ্দান विज्डन وجدان Arabic for affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, emotion, soul, sentiment, conscience.
Wilaayat ولايات বিলায়াত विलायत ولایت An inhabited country, dominion, a foreign country, abroad, realm, possession, being master of anything, sovereignty, control, government, jurisdiction, guardianship, friend-ship, union(specially with God), sanctity, prophecy, the office of a saint.
Wilan والأن বিলান विलेन ولن Friendship, affection.
Wilayat ولاية বিলায়াত विलायत ولایت Custody, guardianship.
Wildan والدان বিলদান विल्डन ولدان Boy in heaven
Wirad ويرد বিরাদ विरद ورد Arabic for flowers, roses.
Wisaam وسام বিসাম विसाम وسام Medal, badge of honor ,Mark .
Wisal ويصل বিশাল विसल وصل Arabic and Persian for reunion, communion, being together after a lot of hardship and struggle, it can be used for family reunion, friends finally meeting, or lovers finally marrying one another.
Wisam وسام বিসম इसम وسم Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms
Wissam وسام বিস্সম विस्सम وسّم Order
Wohayb وهيب বহায়্ব वोहेब ووہیب Something bestowed.
Wranga ورانجا বরানগ व्रंगा ورانگا Ray of Light.
Wuhaib وهيب বুহিব वुहैब وہیب A gift.
Wuhayb وهيب বুহায়্ব वुहेब وہیب Something bestowed.
Wuraid وأريد বুরাইদ वुरैद ورید Wuraid is an Arabic name for boys that means little flower.