Girls Names with Letter I
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English Arabic Bangla Hindi Urdu Meaning
Iba ابا ইবা इबा اب Pride, sense, disdain.
Ibadaat عبادات ইবাদাত इबादात عبادات Ibadaat is an Arabic name for girls that means acts of worship, good deeds.
Ibadah عبده ইবাদাহ िबदह عبادہ Worship
Ibadat عبادات ইবাদত इबादत عبادت Worship.
Ibhar إبحار ইভার िभर ابھر Ibhar is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means breadth, graciousness, open like the ocean. It also means navigation and sailing in the ocean. It is derived from the B-H6-R root (ocean), which is used dozens of times in the Quran.
Ibrah عبره ইব্রাহ इब्राह ابراھ Wisdom, advice
Ibrat إبرة ইব্রাত इब्रत عبرت Ibrat is a direct Quranic name for girls. It is an alternate way of saying the name Ebrah and has the same meaning and pronunciation, except that the t at the end is pronounced for Ibrat.
Ibreez إبريز ইব্রীজ इब्रीज ابریز Gold, Ruby, Pearl and Coral
Ibrisami بريسم ইব্রিসামি िबरिसमि ابریسامی Silken.
Ibthaj إبتهاج ইব্থাজ िबथज ابتہاج Joy
Ibtihal إبتهال ইব্তিহাল इब्तिहाल ابتھل Ibtihal is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means supplication, humble prayer.
Ibtihl ابتهل ইব্তিহ্ল इब्तिहल ابتھل Supplication. Prayer
Ibtisama إبتسامة ইব্তিসামা इब्तिसामा ابتسما Smiling, Smile.
Idrak إدراك ইদ্রক इदराक ادرک Intellect, perception, achievement, attainment.
Ieasha عيشة ইএঅশ िीषा ایشا Variant of Arabic Aisha, meaning 'alive.'
Iffah عفه ইফ্ফাহ इफ्फह افہ Purity, modesty, Chaste
Iffat عفت ইফ্ফাত इफ्फत افت Purity, chastity, modesty, virtue, abstinence.
Ifra عفرا ইফরা इफरा افرا Giving happiness, Height, sublimity.
Ifrah افراح ইফ্রাহ इफ्रह افراہ To make happy.
Iftin افطن ইফ্তিন इफ्तिन افتیں Light
Iftinan فتنا ইফ্তিনান इफ्तिनं افتنان enchantment, captivation
Ifza افز ইফ্জা िफज़ा افزا Protective angel
Ihaa إيحاء ইহা इहा احا Inspiration
Ihab إيهاب ইহাব िहब احب Giving, granting, Arabic unisex name meaning 'gift.',
Ihdaf اهداف ইহ্দাফ िहदफ اہداف Ihdaf is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means closeness, proximity.