Boys Names with Letter L
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English Arabic Bangla Hindi Urdu Meaning
Laaiq لايق লাইক लाइक لائق Laaiq is an Arabic name for boys that menas suitable, qualified, eligible.
Laamih لامعه লামিহ लामीः لامیہ Shining, Admire
Labeeb لبيب লাবীব लाबीब لبیب Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent
Labeed لبيد লবীদ लबीद لبید Poet praised by Rasulullah SAW
Labeeq لبق লবীক लाबीक لبیق Intelligent,Active,Adorned,Refined
Labib لبيب লাবিব लाबीब لبیب Sensible, Intelligent, reasonable, rational, wise.
Labibor لبيبر লাবিবর लाबीबोर لاببور Sensible, intelligent
Labid لبيد লাবিদ लाबिद لبید A companion
Labiib لبيب লাবিইব लाबीब لبیب Clever, Intelligent
Labis لابس লবিস लबिस لباس Labis is an Arabic name for boys that means wearer, coverer, a person who wears something or clothes another person.
Lablab لبلب লাব্লাব लबलब لبلب Ivy
Labon لابن লবন लबों لبوں White
Laeeq لايق লীক लाइक لائق Able, fit, deserving.
Lahab لهب লাহাব लहब لہب N/A
Laham لهم লাহাম लहम لھم Intuition, conjecture, wisdom.
Lahiah لاهيه লাহিয়াহ लहिअह لہیہ Bin Uqabah alMisri a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Lahiq لاحق লাহিক लहिक لاحق Lahiq is an Arabic name for boys that means following, reaching, someone who follows something and reaches it.
Laidan ليدن লায়দান लैदन لادن Laidan is an Arabic name for boys that means gentle, good-mannered.
Lail ليل লাল लेल لیل Night.Lail is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means night, nighttime. BLANKENTER It is Allah who made for you the night that you may rest therein and the day giving sight. Indeed, Allah is full of bounty to the people, but most of the people are not grateful. (Quran 40:61)
Lailan ليلا লালন लैलन لیلن Lailan is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means two nights, it is the plural of Lail (night). It can also be considered to mean like the night.
Laiq لائق লাইক लाइक لائق Worthy, deserving, capable, decent, suitable, able, qualified, decent.
Lais ليس লিস लैस لیس A famous jurist had this name. bin Saad bin Abdur Rahman, Lion, polite, debonair
Laith ليث লাঠ लैथ لیتھ Lion
Laithi ليث লাঠি लैथि لاٹھی Laithi is an Arabic name for boys that means brave, like a lion.
Lajbar لاجبار লজ্বার लजबर لاجبر Name of precious stone.