Girls Names with Letter A
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English Arabic Bangla Hindi Urdu Meaning
Aabidah عبيده আবিদাহ आबिदाह عابدہ Worshipper of Allah
Aabira عبير আবির आबिरा ابرا Aabira is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means passing by, crossing, travelling on a road, one who interprets dreams/books. It is derived from the AIN-B-R root which is used in many places in the Quran.
Aabirah عبيره আবিরাহ आबिरह ابرہ Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral
Aabish بيش আবিশ आबिष् آبش Daughter of Sad who was a queen of Iran (AN)
Aabroo عبرو আব্রু आबरू آبرو Honour, Fame, Dignity
Aadab آداب আদব आदाब آداب Hope, need
Aadila أدلة আদিলা आदिल عادلا Honest, upright, just, righteous fem. of Adil.
Aaeedah ايده আঈদহ आईडः ایدہ Visiting, Returning, Reward
Aaeesha أعيش আঈশ आईशा ایشا Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh
Aafa افا আফা आफॅ آف Forgiveness and Forgiving
Aafaaq آفاق আফাক आफ़ाक़ آفاق It is a unisex name that is directly mentioned in quran means horizons. It is used in the Quran at the end of Surat Fussilat: BLANKENTER We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. (Quran 41:53)
Aafira أفيرا আফিরা आफरा افرا Gardener
Aafiya عافية আফিয়া आफिया عافیہ Good health
Aafreeda فريدة আফ্রীদা आफ्रीदा آفریدہ Created, Produced
Aafreen عفرين আফরীন आफरीन آفرین Brave, Acclaim ,Stimulation, encouragement
Aahoo اهو আহু आहू اہو Aahoo is a Persian name for girls that means gazelle, which is a beautiful animal used as an example for beauty, especially beauty of the eyes, and for agility. In Persian literature it is used as an adjective to mean beautiful-eyed, beloved.
Aaida أيضا আইডা आइडा ایدہ Visiting, returning.
Aaidah أيده আইডাহ आिदह ایدہ Name of a narrator of hadith
Aaila عائلة আইলা आइला اعلیٰ Beautiful, like moon.
Aaima أئمة আইমা आइमा ایما Leader, ruler.
Aaina انا আইনা आइना أن Mirror
Aaira أرى আইরা ऐरा ایرا Noble, respectful, respected, honorable.
Aaisha عائشة আইসা आइशा ایشا Well-off, Prosperous, Wife of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.
Aaiza عايزة আইজা आज़ा أیضا Arabic for replacement, something fills the place of another thing, a gift from Allah given to you in place of something that was taken from you.
Aakifa اقفى আকিফা आकिफा آکیفہ Devoted , A lady who worship Allah in solitude