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Mueinuddin معندن মুএইনুদ্দিন मुईनुद्दीन مینددیں Mueinuddin is an Arabic name for boys that means supporter of the faith, helper of the faith, a person who helps and supports Islam and Muslims.
Khair خير খায়র खैर خیر Good, blessing, boon, wealth, benevolent, fortune.
Naghma نغمة নাঘ্মা नग़मा نغمہ Melody, song.
Hairum حرم হিরাম हैरम حرم Pious.
Jayyid جيد জায়্য়িদ जययिद جےیید Jayyid is an Arabic name for boys that means good, a deed or speech that is good.
Muta متى মুতা मुता متا Obeyed
Kinana كنانة কিননা किनाना کنانہ Paradise
Hadeed حديد হাদীদ हदीद حدید It's an Arabic name for boys that means iron, sharp, penetrating. It is derived from the H6-D-D root which is used in a number of places in the Quran.It is also the name of chapter 57 of the Quran. Scholars recommend if you use the name Hadeed, use it for its meaning, don't use it as a reference to a chapter of Quran
Shad شد সাদ शाद شاد Happy, cheerful, delighted
Areefa عريفة আরিফা अरीफा اریفہ Learned, expert, authority fem. of Areef.
Kashfiya كشفية কাশফিয়া कश्फिया کشفیا Enlightenment.
Aigul أجل ঐগুল ैगुल ایگل Aigul is a Turkish-Persian name for girls that means flower of the moon, a flower that is beautiful like the moon. The figurative meaning of the name is beautiful, gorgeous.
Shakiriyyah شكريه সাকিরিয়্য়াহ शकिरिययह شکریہ Shakiriyyah is an Arabic name for girls that means thankful, appreciative.
Azan أذان আজান अज़ान اذان Call for the prayer
Qanita قانتا কানিতা कनिता قانتا Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God. Qanita means a woman who is truly devoted to God, constant in worshiping Him and praying. The Quran uses the word to describe Maryam/Mary mother of Prophet Isa/Jesus.
Fareh فرح ফারেঃ फरह فریح Glad. Happy
Aminuddin منددين আমিনুদ্দিন अमीनउद्दीन امینددیں Trustworthy in the religion (Islam)
Golpar جلبير গল্পর गोलपार گولپر Golpar is a Persian name for girls that refers to a flowering plant known as golpar or Persian hogweed in English (scientific name Heracleum persicum), figuratively meaning beautiful.
Nashwan نشوان নাশ্বান नाशवान نشون Nashwan is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means delirious, drunk, ecstatic. It is the name of a famous Yemeni scholoar, Nashwan al-Humairi (died 573 Hijri) and Nashwan bint Abdullah al-Kinaniyyah (died 880 Hijri), who is a female scholar of hadith.
Shallal شلال সাল্লাল शललल شللال Waterfalls
Yamun يمون ইমুন यमुन یمن Auspicious
Saburah صبوره সাবুরাহ सबुरह صابرہ A narrator of Hadith
Sayida سيدة সায়িদ सईदा سیدہ Chief, leader, lady, Mrs, fem. of Sayyid.
Thoraya ثورية থরায়া थोरया تھورایا Star
Avan أفان অভান एवं اون Time, Era, Epoch. BLANKENTER Avan is the Persian variant of Awan and means time, moment. Avan can also be a Persian, non-Quranic name meaning guard.